Quiver Sports Gear is multi-focused company with an equal emphasis on production and distribution.

Quiver has a strong and proven brand which extends from lifejackets, bouyancy aids, PDF’s (personal flotation devices) to paddles to the manufacture of canoeing and paddling accessories and technical apparel like spraydecks, splashcovers, fuelsavers, leashes, paddling shorts, paddle bags, safety flags to roofrack protectors and tie downs.

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We also manufacture waterproof jackets and trousers for sailing, fishing as well as a casual jacket. Check out our affordable prices and get your brand out there. Quiver offers a range of customised branding to suit your needs. Breathable, waterproof jackets are a popular choice of local sailing clubs.

We also provide the triathlon gear for one of the largest triathlon and multisport clubs in South Africa.

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Quiver Sports Gear is a product-based business and therefore their success largely depends on their product quality in conjunction with a creative marketing vision and admirable customer care.

Enjoy the outdoors, get out and get wet with Quiver Sports Gear!